Monday, January 30, 2012

End Unwanted Horses, Limit Productions, and Educate Breeders NOW!

Hey Guys!
I recently started ANOTHER petition! After sharing my idea for a equine breeding certification program and gettin gtons of postive feedback I decided to go a step farther and see the rest of my supporters thought of it. Please do check it out, sign, and share! The link to it is attached.
Thanks so much,
Cheyenne Little


  1. Hey Cheyenne- I know some other young people who are interested in saving horses too. They are writing letters, making drawings, videos etc to deliver to Congress one day in March. Would love for you to check out the event and join. Your site is impressive. You guys prove that young people can and do have a voice- You and Declan are proving it. Here is Declans website (hes 10) and here is the facebook page for the letter writing campaign!/groups/Childrensavinghorses/

  2. Cheyenne, I signed your petition and will certainly share with everyone. Declan is going to Washington D.C. next month, which should generate a lot of interest. Now, let's see if we can get you on Ellen's show!!